Friday, 15 August 2014

We're under way!

The end of day 1 - today we did the Chester leg of the trip, which involved us playing at the top of the Cathedral twice, as well as some other places!

We started by ascending the 240-odd tower steps, and playing (in the drizzle) while the 10am cathedral tour came round. It was good to get some of our old repertoire in the open again - not least "Up on the roof" by The Drifters, which we last played in 2006!

After this we did a whistlestop tour of a few places in Chester - including the city walls, the Roman amphitheatre, and a bandstand by the river Dee. After this we returned to the cathedral to play in the refectory dying lunchtime, before dashing up the tower for a second time to entertain another tour party!

It was then time to set off up north - a 3.5 hour drive to Durham, where we are staying tonight. We've been out for a curry with some old friends, and tomorrow will be doing the following;

- Playing at Tynemouth - not strictly on Hadrian's wall, but the nearest point on the coast;
- playing at Wallsend - where Hadrian's wall actually starts (or ends);
- playing on the roof of the Castle Keep in Newcastle - at about 2.30pm if you want to come along 
- we will also be playing in various other places, as yet undetermined - but we'll tell you all about these tomorrow!

Highlight of the day: Playing "Up on the roof" again, after 8 years

Quote of the day: "I know we've been playing this arrangement for 10 years, but those two notes at the top of page 2 should actually be pizzicato" (Jeremy acknowledging a mistake in his arrangement of Nessun Dorma to Clare!)

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