Thursday, 14 August 2014

It's nearly time to start again...

Well, after a gap of over two years, we're about to start another challenge. This one is perhaps less extreme in some ways - after all, it would be difficult to top running a marathon with our cellos (and before you write in, I said difficult, not impossible!) - but should be quite varied and interesting all the same!

"Bordering on Madness" begins on the English/Welsh border on Friday - specifically, on the tower of Chester Cathedral (pictured). We'll play up there - a tower we couldn't access on our 2006 Cathedral Roof Tour, but which has recently been renovated - in the morning as well as later in the day, and probably at some other places in Chester in between. After that we'll head north east, ready to start the Hadrian's Wall segment of the trip on Saturday. 

Watch this space for daily updates of what we've done, and what we plan to do the next day! 

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CJT said...

Have a great trip. Glad you've found a new challenge. Looking forward to unique photos of cellists on the wall.