Friday, 15 August 2014

Here we go again!

We're all now in Chester and raring to go! We warmed up this evening with a public open-air rehearsal in an open space near where James lives; given the length of time since our last challenge things were surprisingly not too rusty, and so we're looking forward to performing over the coming days in all sorts of places.

As well as our standard repertoire, we've added two new pieces for this trip: "Bordering on Madness" a medley of six hits by the '80s group Madness, and "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Obviously both have clear connections with this particular challenge, in name at least!

Our plan for tomorrow (Friday) is:
- we will play on the tower of Chester Cathedral at about 10am, for around half an hour
- we will then descend, and go and play at some other places around the city walls in Chester
- we'll go back up the Cathedral at in the early afternoon, before heading off to the north east to start Hadrian's Wall on Saturday!

No pictures from today, I'm afraid, but we'll definitely post at least one (and probably more) from each of the following days!

Highlight of the day: (reinstating an old tradition): discovering we could play our new pieces relatively well!

Quote of the day: "What free drinks would you like with that?" (Chester Indian restaurant owner when collecting our evening takeaway!)

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