Saturday, 16 August 2014

A bracing North East welcome!

Today was all about the Newcastle region as we started Hadrian's wall and did a few other bits and pieces in the region!

After a hearty breakfast we decided to stop off at the Angel of the North to give our customary morning performance of Bach's "Wachet Auf". As you will see from the following picture, James decided the Angel itself might play the tune:

Following this we headed to the coast - Tynemouth is not actually on Hadrian's Wall, but we wanted to play on the beach anyway! After a spot of Mendelssohn we were heading off the beach when a café owner asked if we could come back this evening for a gig, after another musician had let him down! So we said yes, of course...

Then onto Wallsend - the actual start (or end) of Hadrian's Wall. We didn't pay to go into the museum, so gave our performance of "Wonderwall" at the nearest spot in the adjacent car park!

After a bit of lunch we then went to play on the roof of the Castle Keep in Newcastle. It was rather blustery, resulting in some music stand carnage (see picture below)! After nearly getting frozen to death we went down and played in the Great Hall instead - a fantastic acoustic. 

A bit of busking by the Tyne (oh, we do like to be beside the quayside...) and a look round the wonderful Sage in Gateshead followed - many thanks to the wonderful employee who gave us a private guided tour! Then back to Tynemouth for our gig... which involved us playing in the middle of King Edward's Bay, playing for a group of kayakers who had just arrived into shore, whilst fish was  being barbecued to our left! A lovely way to spend a sunny (if chilly) Saturday evening!

Tomorrow we're playing for the morning service at Hexham Abbey (10am) and then possibly elsewhere in Hexham, before joining the wall a few miles north of there in the afternoon. 

Highlight of the day: playing for the kayakers at King Edward's Bay in the evening. 

Quote of the day: "You're mint!" Lifeguard  on the beach at Tynemouth after hearing about our venture!

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