Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bordering on Madness no more!

...and there we go, another challenge is completed!

But there's a bit more to tell first. To begin with, as regular blog readers will know, one aspect of Bordering on Madness was that we decided to have a curry on each of the six nights of the tour. Last night we were treated to a home-cooked one by an old friend, Mary, who lives locally in Carlisle. A wonderful way to spend our final night on tour!

I promised there would be some comparison of the curries we ate... obviously the home-cooked one was the best, so it's not fair to compare that with those from the five other establishments we patronised, but of the other five the favourites were Shaheen's in Durham (rated best by Jeremy and Clare), and the Stanwix Tandoori in Carlisle (rated best by James - a particularly good Lamb Dansak). Well done to both places, and thanks to the other restaurants we visited too!

Today involved us going home - but only after we stopped off in Blackpool. As well as a trip to the Central Pier for some fun and busking, we had a chance to take one or two artistic photos, and get ideas for future challenges...

Bordering on Madness wasn't a sponsored event, but with some intermittent busking we still managed to raise over £300 (£304.97, to be precise) for Aspire, and are pleased to continue our association with this fantastic spinal cord injury charity.

Finally, a special "thank you" to everyone who helped this happen... particularly to all at Chester Cathedral, the Castle Keep in Newcastle, Hexham Abbey, Lanercost Priory, the Twice Brewed Inn, Carlisle Cathedral, Tullie House, Urban Adventure Carlisle, and the "Hands across the Border" project in Gretna - as well as everyone who supported us or donated to Aspire.

We will be back - keep in touch with our web site or our Facebook site or Twitter (@ExtremeCello) to see announcements as we make them!

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