Thursday, 10 July 2008

Welcome to the Extreme Cello blog!

We’ve decided to introduce a blog to enable easier updating while we’re on the Four Peaks Challenge this summer - it may prove easier than trying to update our own web site directly, and gives people the chance to leave comments too!

If you’ve happened across this by accident, and don’t know anything about the Extreme Cellists, take a look at to discover more…

And if you see any press articles or any other media stories about us over the course of the tour, please let us know about them by posting a comment. We've found that when on tour, it's quite easy to miss these, but it's nice to know about them anyway!


Anonymous said...

My brother, who is a viola-playing technophobe, has asked me to write this: (!)
"I am aware of the existence of the 'extreme viola group' in Holland under the leadership of the Mollucan viola player, Esther Epistoly (we think) who also do crazy things but nothing as crazy as you lot. And in any case there are no mountains in Holland ......

Try the Himalayas next time! All the best."

Michael J. Smith (retired section leader:Nord Holland Phil - now the Holland Sinfonia)

Anonymous said...


We saw you practise in derby while we were doing our duke of edinborough. We thought you were very good and wish you luck!!