Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Some more images from the top of Ben Nevis!

In the "group photo", we have: Cellists (front row) - James, Clare, Jeremy; Sherpas (back row) - Ashley, Caroline.

We're having a rest day today, mainly in Fort William - this morning we went into Nevis Radio, a wonderful small independent local radio station, to do an interview and play a couple of pieces. We were delighted to find a large picture of ourselves on the front page of the Press & Journal, which we are told is the major paper in the north of Scotland!

And so our thoughts look ahead to Scafell Pike... the weather forecast looks good (in fact, perhaps a little too hot for ideal conditions), but we're well aware that can change pretty quickly so we're not counting our chickens just yet. We travel down tomorrow - there may or may not be a blog entry on arrival in the Lake District, but there'll certainly be one (with some pictures, hopefully) on Thursday!


Caroline said...

What a fantastic day on Monday! That's a surprise concert that a lot of walkers will be talking about for a long time.
Some more pictures at

Saw that you were also featured in the edition of the Metro that sells in Edinburgh.

All the best for the next 3 peaks


Regina said...

Wow. What amazing photographs. I am endlessly jealous to those walkers who got your concert up there for free (I wish something like that would EVER happen to me!) and also a bit to you, for having so great weather on Ben Nevis. Seems St Peter likes you, really!
All best for the rest of the tour, and keep at it (remember, beat those blisters - you're stronger than they are, I know you can do it!)