Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 10: Richmond to Danby Wiske

Ok, I have a couple of admissions to make. First, I had confused the mileages of today's and tomorrow's stages, and rather than the 12 miles I was expecting, it should have been 14 (and in fact ended up closer to 15). The fact that tomorrow's walk should now be no more than 12 is some consolation, but the psychological difference between 12 and 15 miles is quite significant.

Second, despite today's walk being remarkably flat (and, if I'm being honest, largely dull), my back is starting to ache more and more. I guess that's what carrying a cello for 10 days and 134 miles will do for you. I'm going to try to fit a waist strap tomorrow to see if that helps.

Anyway, so what of today's walk? As I already mentioned, there was not much in the way of gradient change throughout, but it was not without features. For one thing, we crossed under the A1 this morning - and decided to play Nessun Dorma to celebrate this feat of engineering and the noise it produces.

Later, we stopped in the village of Bolton-on-Swale and played at the church by the tomb of Henry Jenkins, who reportedly lived to the grand old age of 169. We celebrated this fact by playing a whole three verses of "The Day Thou Gavest".

And so we arrived in the village of Danby Wiske at about 4.30, planning to have a takeaway pizza this evening (the pub doesn't do evening meals), and play later while contemplating tomorrow's (shorter) leg of the walk!

Quote of the day: "At first I thought that was an ironing board you were carrying - turns out it's only a cello!"


Anonymous said...

Clare: Have enjoyed reading the blog-have also introduced Barney and Oliver to your mad....but very commendble efforts. Love Katiexxx

Alice said...

Good luck with the next leg! I hope all are well :) Have tried to get hold of Mum by text. Can you get her to call me when she can? Thanks! All the best to all of you. Alice xxx

the malones said...

We stayed at the same bed and breakfst (frenchgate b&b Richmond) and were treated to a cello recital after breakfast. What a wonderful way to start our day and holiday. Good luck in all your future mad but inspiring adventures.
Carol and Larry Malone