Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 6: Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Well, that was a different day. A long one, for sure (20 miles), but far easier terrain than previously in the walk and almost perfect walking conditions (alternating sun and cloud cover, but never getting too hot for too long and barely even the merest hint of rain - no need for waterproofs!).

We covered the 20 miles in just over 9 hours, including a stop to play some Beethoven by a wonderful railway bridge near Kirkby Stephen (pictured) - I don't know whether it added to the occasion or not that the audience was mostly cows (who, to their credit, gathered round almost as soon as we started playing!).

Tomorrow is different again - an ascent up and down the Pennines, with the promise of finding ourselves in Yorkshire by the end!

Quote of the day: "Moo!"


CoeFenBlogger said...
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CoeFenBlogger said...

Hello Extreme-Cellists. Thought you might like to se this: talk about dedication! Sad in a way the graphics are so hilarious (look out for the cat with the halo) as musically it is really very engaging.
I love the effect created by sweeping the hand down the cello.

Hope all goes well today...