Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 3: Borrowdale to Grasmere

Well, it may have only been 8 miles or so today, but it was a tough 8 miles. A good climb in the first part of the walk was followed by a joint-destroying equivalent descent thereafter - and all in pouring rain.

In fact, for the third day running an alternative "higher" option was ruled out because of poor weather. It's a little frustrating, but it's not preventing us from getting there. It is, however, starting to cause some damage to the cellos (see picture) - hopefully it won't rain for the whole of the two weeks!

So, three days and 37 miles in, and we're seeing the first of our personnel changes. I've not said anything about our personnel yet this year, so here is a brief introduction... as many of you will know, Jeremy, Clare and James are the cellists; we're being joined throughout the walk by our friends Ashley, Rachel and Chris, to help us carry non-cello items, as well as Angela (James's mum), who is driving from place to place to help with transporting luggage and other logistical matters. Then we're being joined by some others along the way: Simon, Mary and Helen were with us for the first three days, and Clare's brother Paul joined us from today until day 9... which seems a very long way away right now!

Anyway, we're giving a concert at St Oswald's Church, Grasmere tonight (7.30) so we better go and prepare for that!

Quote of the day: "Oh, so you're those daft ha'peths with the cellos..."


Linehan family said...

We heard about you on National Public Radio today (U.S.) Good luck on your journey!

CoeFenBlogger said...

Ouch - good job we know a good Luthier!

The Extreme Cellists said...

Good to hear we're being mentioned on radio in the U.S.! Thanks for your interest - do spread the word!

I've just noticed a typo too - obviously Jeremy, Clare and James *are* the three cellists, not *ate* the three cellists...! Unfortunately I can't edit that from my phone though...