Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday 2 August, and we're now all back home after a very strange but wonderful 13 days on the road! The journey back itself was quite a challenge - flash floods in South West Ireland meant that our route home was blocked, and we had to improvise another route between Killarney and Limerick (avoiding flooded roads, vehicles broken down in flooded roads, and one van whose undercarriage was on fire for some unknown reason)... fortunately, though, we had left at 5.15am and made the ferry just in time.

And so what of the challenge itself? Well, we're still taking it all in, but it seemed to be a remarkable success overall, with all four peaks accomplished on schedule, and plenty of money raised (many thanks to all - and it's still rolling in, so if you still want to make a donation you can do so here). We all agreed that the four peaks had very different characters, and that the locations were noticeably different in many ways, but the one similarity (other than the height) was the beauty of the surroundings. I know we've said this before, but we were very lucky with the weather and the views we got. There are some more photos now up at

So, what next? Was this challenge extreme enough for Mr Clarkson, or do we need to go further still? Ideas on a postcard (or via the comments option on here) please. Oh don't worry, we have some of our own... we're just exploring all the options for now!

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Congratulations on your feat!